Online Gambling Laws in the United States

The online gambling laws in the US have been intricately wrought over the last few years. This is so because the Department of Justice claims that every single aspect of internet gambling is illegal under the United States federal laws. However, the statutory language and judicial guide relating to online gambling does not promote the government’s wide pronouncements of illegality. The Department of Justice depends on the Wire Wager Act as its foundation for stating that internet gambling is illegal. However this specific law is used to ban only a couple online gambling games – therefore once a game is not listed as illegal under this law the individual cannot be charged for participating in it. Therefore it can clearly be stated that once it relates to federal laws the operation of an online sports betting website is illegal, but for the other forms of online gambling it is still unclear.Fotolia_4048296_Subscription_XL

The instances, in which certain individual states have passed their own laws relating to online gambling, are a key factor which has complicated the situation of online gambling laws even further. Even though these laws have been put in place not many prosecutions have resulted, therefore the legitimacy of these laws has not been fully tested. Despite the question of the legitimacy of these laws more and more states are using them thus causing a growing spider web trapped state of affairs when referring to the legality of online gambling. Therefore it would work out like this, some forms of online gambling may be illegal in one state however in another state it may be legal.

The United States law enforcement authorities at the state and federal levels have only just increased the rate of enforcement of criminal law against individuals which are knowingly breaking the country’s online gambling laws. US citizens as well as foreigners have been arrested during this exercise however the outcomes of the prosecutions are unclear. There have been attempts though to legalize online gambling in the US however, they have so far all been in vain as the Department of Justice is not allowing it. In closing even though online gambling is a fast growing industry and is legal in a couple countries the US government is probably going to maintain their view of internet gambling being illegal for years to come.

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