Online Poker with Your Netbook Computer: Too good to be true?

Playing poker online for real money has become extremely popular in recent years. As more and more people get high-speed internet access in their homes, and learn how easy it is to get online and join an poker site, the popularity of internet poker just continues to grow. These days, anyone can log in and join a tournament or sit in on a quick cash game, and play against real people from all corners of the globe. Some players have had such success that they quit their day jobs and live exclusively off of their online poker winnings!


But therein lies the problem – for anyone who is not quite ready to pull up anchor and give up their working lives, it can be hard putting aside enough time to get started in the world of online poker. Playing at work is obviously not an option, so that leaves playing at home, where the whole family is competing for time online, and where other responsibilities inevitably end up coming first. The solution is simple: play in between. Pick up a netbook computer, they only run a few hundred dollars, and they really pack a punch for their price. They are basically mini laptops that are designed for ultimate portability. They are small, light, and have great battery life. But are they well suited to playing online poker? There is a misconception about netbook computers that says they are not powerful enough for things like games and videos, but this simply is not true. While netbooks do have less computing power than the average desktop computer, they are still miles ahead of what was standard just a few years ago, and they have more than enough power to handle internet poker software.

More importantly, many online poker sites don’t even require players to download or install anything extra in order to play. Their software is designed to run across the internet, right inside the player’s favorite web browser. This is perfect, since netbook computers are basically designed to run online programs in this way. To play real money internet poker on a netbook computer, players only need to find an open Wi-Fi connection, get online, and then can log in from wherever they happen to be. Whether it’s lunch at the café on the corner, a three hour airport layover, or a study break between lectures, if you have your netbook along, you can spend all your free time winning money by playing poker online, anytime and anywhere.

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